Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Twa Dogs

To mark the birthday of Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns (25th January), I took some photos of these little statues at The Cross in Kilmarnock. They were based on his poem "The Twa Dogs" which was printed by David Wilson in Kilmarnock in 1786, as part of Burns' very first book of poems, which became successful almost immediately. You can read the whole of "The Twa Dogs" here. Best of all, it's possible to hear the actor, David Rintoul, read the poem aloud - click here


  1. What??!!! Another new website? Fantastic. Why did you not tell me about this one? well, if I'd been paying attention, I would have found it!!! It's great!!!

  2. Love the link to more BOBBIE BURNS!! Especially the English translation of his poems. Great idea!!!