Friday, December 30, 2011

Dean Castle Country Park

This is a beautiful place to walk throughout the different seasons with so many huge trees and other beautiful things to see. There are also three rivers (the Fenwick Water and Craufurdland Water which flow into each other thus becoming Kilmarnock Water) and there are some pretty waterfalls too. The animals and birds seem very well looked after and we especially like to see the deer and to visit Scott, the Clydesdale, and Pip and Timmy the donkeys. Recently we saw llamas there for the first time and there is also a ‘Small Animals Park’ where children – and adults of course – can see the rabbits and other small creatures.
The cafe is very nice too and there are some lovely top-quality gifts in the glass cabinets to one side. There are flat screens around the cafe showing webcam coverage of nesting birds and other interesting things in the parkland which are difficult (if not impossible) to see with the naked eye.
All these photos were taken in the autumn, 2011.
Next to the cafe is a spacious giftshop where I have bought several books on the area. You will also find beautiful jewellery, toys and many other things. The man who works in there is really friendly and helpful. The other day I arrived after the building had closed for the day but he spotted me and came to unlock the door to see if he could help me with anything. He allowed me to come in to find some maps which I wanted and I really appreciated that. It wouldn’t happen in most other places!
I haven’t been inside the castle yet so will write something about that another time!

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  1. I LOVE this post, especially the animals and the cafe!!! Soooo wish I was there to pet and photograph them and eat some local cuisine. Did you ever go into the castle?