Monday, September 3, 2012

Portland Dental Practice

One of the most anxious things about moving to a new area is going to a new dentist for the first time, especially as, like me (and my husband) you had - after enduring some pretty poor ones in the past - had time to get used to a good one in our last location. It took me several months to finally decide that this practice was probably the best one, going by the various dental websites for the area. A tentative initial phone call, to ask if they were accepting new NHS patients, went extremely well and the receptionist was very friendly and helpful.

This resulted in my husband and I making an appointment and going along to have a check up a couple of days ago. The first impression of the place was good; the waiting area is large and comfortable, nicely carpeted with pleasant soft seating and attractive pictures on the walls.

We were both more than delighted to find we were registered with Anthony Bannon as he could not have been nicer - what a friendly, gentle and thoroughly professional dentist. He put us both entirely at our ease and (when our mouths weren't wide open!) we had a good chat, not only about our teeth but about our move to Kilmarnock too.

While I was waiting for my husband on the landing, I saw a couple of the other dentists welcoming their patients, which included young school children, and they were also very warm and welcoming.

It's probably obvious by now that we are extremely pleased with our choice of dentist and, even after only one appointment, I would not hesitate to recommend this dental practice to anyone.

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