Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dundonald Games 2012

I just loved going to the Games last Saturday!
The weather was awful when I arrived on the courtesy bus from the 'Park and Ride' site on the outskirts of the village (about 5 miles out of Kilmarnock). It was difficult to make out 'Dundonald Games' on the road sign below, through all the heavy rain on the bus window!
However, once I got there the rain stopped and blazing sun came out for a few hours, which was absolutely perfect for all the performers and spectators!
We were all treated to some wonderful piping...
The dancing was also lovely to watch
There were some 'fun' races too, including the egg and spoon and also the 'wheelbarrow race' (below)
There were also challenges where people could try to smash a coconut with a mallet or slice a melon in half with a sword!
The view of the parade ground is marvellous from Dundonald Castle hill. The music drifted up from below and was very atmospheric.
Just before I went down the road to catch the bus back to my car, the dark clouds threatened once again. These last two photos were taken just before the really heavy rain began. 
 A fantastic day out and I look forward to going again next year!!

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